Topic: multiple sclerosis treatment natural remedies?
Posted 12 april 2015 - 22:49


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Posted 12 april 2015 - 22:49
I'm a huge believer in natural remedies and healing the mind to also heal the body. Does anyone treat their multiple sclerosis naturally or treat with meds along with natural healers? How are you healing your mind as well (from the depression and anxiety multiple sclerosis causes)? Any and all input would be great.


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Posted 13 april 2015 - 08:11
Hello Hannah!
Combination of herbs and homoeopathic remedies gives very good results. Besides giving symptomatic relief these remedies aims at teaching your immune system how to stop attacking your own tissues.
Necessarily try this method --> multiple sclerosis natural treatment.
It healed 70% of my multiple sclerosis symptoms


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hello Manuela Therefore I can only confirm this. It is the weather with me!!! I like z.B the sun very much, but not. today 15 degrees, mornings 25, the day after tomorrow fog, which cracked nervous system then should become accustomed at it, stress pure.I wait for a few days and do only so much as goes, then, it becomes once again. Everything good TOM2

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hello That is indications of neuropatische pains: I have "only" Verspannungen through incorrectly-controlled musculature, a medication-eyelet intervention in it before, to take, always is debatable. Since these medications suppress the entire musculature-tension often is debatable whether the benefit is bigger than the side-effects. I treat Verspannungen with Entspannngsbädern, movement and autogenous training. Nerves can pass on signals no more right to the musculature, musculature braces. Everything good TOM2

OH VIIIIIIIELEN THANKS TO!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore where you have from this of all??? You helped me super!!!!!!! (I now decided juhu no thrust there) Ne, Ne something this of M of all so on it has ;-( But thanks to you!! and one always gets the others one Answer. L.G.Manuela 5

hello Manuela, I had stake Muskelverhätungen very much in the shoulder blade with extreme pains. In my case, I would say, that however, there was not any direct connection to that of M who, this already knows so exactly... Instead of from 'normal' massages, that would have been much to painful, got I>rhythmic massages

hello Lena!!! Thank you This listens totally to property. ;-))) Whoever then does sowas, I never have heard.??? Or simply once different Physioterap. call and ask whether this is offered? L.G.Manuela 5

hello Manuela5, this sounds for me after the disk! Stings as far as in the fanny-forecastles and tingle. And this, not to endure the massages, happen me familiar. Take the time from you and lets examined it. Wish yourself everything dear Tanja2

Hi Manuela has pains in the neck / shoulder-area so I 5, if I and my dog execute my Gehstock, after short time as if a herläuft behind me and with nem Akkuschrauber small pointed screws pure-turns.I then must stop a moment, and the whole one braced history again loosely shakes.Knows well this me all here and knows, this I to this 200.000 selected belongs.However, I look when going also like a question mark with to the right skidding leg, therefore Haltungsschäden=Muskelschmerzen.Enjoy the last sunbeams, there should be lousy weather again.LG Conny

hello Tanja 2 Yes probably become do this my next step him/it I. Today, it doesn't hurt soooo again, my legs are schwehr lead for it. But it become the Bandsch. once examining leaves know at least so one summons. Thank you L.G.Manuela 5

hello Conny Also you thanks beautiful, Yes pains in the shoulders and in the neck also has I. Is braced everywhere so, and somewhat more firmly one cannot touch me either. Therefore, I have from the neuro VIVEO gets!!! ?? When does it help???? *laugh* L.G.Manuela 5

the question is not when but whether it helps. Is the dose sufficient? You should ask your doctor again in order to be able to judge this. Greetingses TOM2

has Hi Manuela5, since VIVEO takes I, I silence at night before the miserable leg-cramps.During the day, ichs takes nich more, become be extremely elastic good for the upright walk somehow.LG Conny

hello Manuela, ... that also was right with me!! good. After I tried out medications abundantly in most different combinations and dosages, changed finally somewhat perceptibly positively through these massages. My pains felt different, as you your describes - however if you are also Muskelverhärtungen, I can absolutely recommend the rhythmic massage. The massage is very mild and doesn't yet hurt additionally through it. However, she/it needs also time. I went 2X/Woche to the treatment for months. It is about an anthroposophic therapy-form incidentally. A physiotherapist treated me with corresponding addition-education. The KK pays only z.T this massage-form. and then also only on proposition (BEK) however as a physiotherapist could her/it/them 'normal' massage-recipes, manual therapy or kg-recipes or... credit. My doctor filled the recipes accordingly. You find corresponding therapists under there, there is a therapist-finder or by telephone with the corresponding occupation-association 0711/7799721. Good luck and good improvement - whatever you will do. Many greetingses Lena

hello Tom2 I take a Viveo in the evening.150mg. Therefore, the sharp pain in the hand-bale and in the cubit-bow already is better. Must in May to the neuro. L.G.Manuela 5

hello Lena! Thank you for the info!!! Will make me intelligent once there! Completely L.G. Manuela 5